"Aladdin": a new trailer Introduced

Disney took good advantage of the broadcast of this Grammy Awards, this Sunday, February 10, to show a new preview of Aladdin, picture of the revived classic of 1992 led by Guy Ritchie and whose release is scheduled for May 24, between the outings of Dumbo and that the Lion King.

Yes, this past season, Disney plans to earn a lot of cash.

For the very first time in action Will Smith, we can see in these images in the epidermis from the Genie. And last 17, following the disappointment engendered from these pictures of the production's revelation, it's a gorgeous and gloomy Genius that we see coming from the magic lamp.

watch aladdin 9th april 2019 being settled (at least, for now), we are now able to concentrate on the quality of some specific effects...

Judge for yourself using the movie in the mind of the article...

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